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Highland Dogblog is about celebrating life with dogs; bringing people together; making a positive contribution to communities and the natural environment; being responsible dog owners and “keeping it woof”.

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Highland Dogblog is a community based network of people with a shared love of dogs and the Highlands and Islands regions of Scotland.

The Dogblog network was established in 2012 and functions both online and in real life. Our Chief Executive Officer is Miss Selkie Seal, Sprocker Spaniel, and citizen of Dingwall (a.k.a centre of The Dogverse).

Online there is a central Facebook page; a web site, and a strong connection to the Facebook Group “Paw Pals Highlands” (originally founded by HDB as HDB Paw Pals).

In real life people who identify themselves as Dogbloggers (members of Dogblog) use the online forums to organise themselves and get together for a variety of different activities such as pack walks and play dates, community litter picks, fund raising projects, looking for lost dogs and other dog centric events of all kinds. There is also a strong ethos in the group of members supporting each other and this takes different forms across the different groups.

Highland Dogblog’s purpose is to celebrate life with dogs in the Highlands and Islands regions of Scotland. It is primarily a social network of dog lovers, built and managed with a view to making a positive contribution to the people it touches, the lives of dogs and the area it operates from.

Highland Dogblog aims to provide a safe online space for the Dogblog community, to make people happy, focus on kindness as a way of being and to encourage positive and supportive local community interaction.