Nethers and feathers

Mornings 🙂 Apparently, there comes a time when one must choose it function over fashion and such a line are been crossed. Ah went swimming the other day and ah was still damp many hours later at which point The Mummy began muttering about ear infections. Next thing ah knew the scissors were out and ah had it ma ears, ma feets, ma nethers and ma feathers trimmed! ‘Struth – ah am one uneven and jaggy pooch but ah am drying quicker, and getting it ma feets checked for grass seeds properly and … well ma other bits and pieces get checked for ticks of an evening – TMI? Ha, ha – woteva! Hope you are all doing ok, we are thinking of adding it a new word to the dictionary – it’s for when you’re not ok, but you’re not not ok (i.e. and people need to worry or rush round etc) but just for when you’re feeling “no-k” and ye dinnae want to say “I’m fine” because that are not actually true. So, if yous are feeling no-k ah can tell you that it’s a bit rubbish, but it passes and we are all having it the same moments – just makes us “normal” and that will be a first around here! Sending jaggy love, Selkie Seal x

Tia ‘n me friday!

Afternoons everyone – is you all doing ok? It was “Tia ‘n Me” Friday and we made it our one walk count! Ahm telling you what, The Mummy says she won’t be hearing from either of us again for a while. Well that was until ah let it out a monstrous “parp” to disturb it the silence and there has been much waving of hands and moaning and rude words being used. What can ah say? Ma tummy is a wee bit windy after all those crabs and mussels and seaweed and rabbit poops and fish sticks and … well, you know what its like after it an all you can eat buffet! Never mind, ah’ve no more plans the day so ahm just going to lie in it the sunshine and have a snoozle and then perhaps a wee ball play in the garden later, ah’ll see how ah feel Anyways, happy day you lot, love from me, Selkie Seal (and Tia) x

Selkie – March 2020

Nose Pose 2020!

It’s OAN! Get your pictures taken and get posting!

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Selkie's Back

News from the desk of Selkie Seal …

Mornings! Right you lot, it seems that “online happy places” are required by the wurrld – big time. Ah happen to know of one – in fact, it was quite a good one if ah say so maself … aye, it’s time for me to come out of retirement, it was fun while it lasted but we need the Dogverse back in our lives – and The Mummy and ah have decided to dust ourselves off and go back to work to see what we can do to keep spirits up. Who’d have thought we’d be here? But here we are (ah was always one for deep insights wasn’t ah?!) … so, here we go … if you need a happy place to be, where we don’t talk “shop” might ah recommend it Highland Dogblog? where we all keep it woof and where reality bends ever so slightly in favour of the happies 🙂

More later, but for now let me just say ahm going to be needing correspondents from ALL OVER THE WURRLD so get ready to rock n roll, write down this email: and ALL of you start looking for good news stories (dog flavoured of course!) and brush up your talents, and your tails, because who knows we might be having a few “festivals” and online events too!

Ah hope the above is in order?!?!?!

Loves it you,
Selkie Seal x

Big stuff and small stuff

Mornings! So you know how the “big stuff” can completely overwhelm it a body? And you wonder if anything you ever do makes it any difference at all, and why bother doing it the right thing when “everyone else” seems to do it the opposite? Well, ah know the answer. Ah’ve just finished reading all YOUR messages to Ben’s family, as well as all your thoughts on “sticky willy solutions” and looking at pictures of people working at Scentral Park to get it ready for a wee get together later and it seems to me that the answer IS to focus on the small stuff, and let the “big stuff” worry about itself – because the big stuff is just lots of small stuff all rolled together? Ahm feeling right philosophical this morning, but really what ahm saying is ah love it how kind you are, and how you take time to write wee messages to each other, all across the wurrld, and it makes ma heart happy, even if ahm sad aboot losing ma pal or all the things ah can’t change, ah know that we had it fun together, and we cared, and we is trying to be kind, and we is trying to do it the right thing, and in the end what more is there? Happy day ALL of yous, and big love to everyone who needs it today, Selkie Seal x

Tummies in, tails high!

Afternoons! So in-between the showers the sun is shining here in Inver and ahm helping out in it the garden. There might be some ball throwing happening as well 🙂 Ma weigh-in went really well, thank you everyone, and ah’ve lost a wee bit of weight but The Mummy says all the more reason to “stay the course” and not give in so no sausages yet. Ah did like the “weigh in tips” you sent – like put one paw on the ground when she’s not looking and don’t forget to “trim your whiskies” – sounds like you lot are well practiced at this … lol! Tummies in, tails high, let’s go do it this week then, 🙂 love me, Selkie Seal x

Cheese burgies

Mornings! As if being oan a diet isn’t hard enough ma Uncle Wayne has to eat it burgies right there in front of me! Ah’ll burgie him in a quick minute – there’s CHEESE oan that burgie, CHEESE! Ah haven’t seen cheese for months!


Yes Mummy?

It’s only been a few days

But it feels like MONTHS Mummy! And ma tummy thinks it ma throat’s been cut! Just a wee bit of cheese won’t hurt a doggie, ah won’t tell, come oan Uncle Wayne ….

Selkie x

Splish splash …

Better get those extra towels out today people. Ah know some of you will be hiding in yer beds, but the rest of us are expecting “business as usual” – splish splash ah wiz havin’ a dook, duh-duh-duh-duh … “something something” Saturday night, rub a dub dub ah wiz relaxing in the mud … la la la la! 


Yes Mummy?

That’s not how that song goes.

Hah! It does the noo Mummy!!!!!!! Selkie x

Middle-aged spread – as if!

Pals, ahm thinking of leaving home. Aye, me. The Mummy and ah have had it a falling out – big time. It all started innocently enough, we had to take Jac to it the vet to see his “no-eye” (that’s what his mom calls it!) – anyway – ah digress. We had to go to the vet so ah got bundled in the car, something about “Selkie, you could do with getting weighed, you’re looking a bit snug in that harness”. Aye, nae problem whatever. Off we go. Gets to it the vet, ah go in first, oan the scale, nae problem, and NEXT THING ah hear The Mummy say “Selkie! You pigly-wiggly! I knew you were getting FAT!”. EH??? Ah’ll say it again for em-pha-sis – EH??? In front of all those people? FAT? Hang oan just a wee minute here, a girl (or boy for that matter!) can put oan a pound or two without having to take it that kind of ABUSE at the vets, ABUSE it was. Yes, ah’ve picked up some weight (ah had a sneaking suspicion maself to be honest, a wee roll when ah sat doon, you know how it goes 

😉 but honestly there’s nae need for aw that, and might ah just add “pot – kettle” – ahem!!!!!!!! Anyway, before ah get fed cabbage or some such horribleness ah thought ah would consider ma options…. Actually, ah am getting a bit “rotund” now that ah think about it, sigh, apparently it’s called a middle-aged spread (charming!). So it’s a few cut backs for me, and a little more swimming for this spaniel! Curses! lol! There’s always a silver lining, see 

😉 Happy (fat) day yous, at least ahm lucky enough to have more food than ah need, clearly! Love from me, Selkie Seal x