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Tummies in, tails high!

Afternoons! So in-between the showers the sun is shining here in Inver and ahm helping out in it the garden. There might be some ball throwing happening as well 🙂 Ma weigh-in went really well, thank you everyone, and ah’ve lost a wee bit of weight… Continue Reading “Tummies in, tails high!”

Cheese burgies

Mornings! As if being oan a diet isn’t hard enough ma Uncle Wayne has to eat it burgies right there in front of me! Ah’ll burgie him in a quick minute – there’s CHEESE oan that burgie, CHEESE! Ah haven’t seen cheese for months!… Continue Reading “Cheese burgies”

Splish splash …

Better get those extra towels out today people. Ah know some of you will be hiding in yer beds, but the rest of us are expecting “business as usual” – splish splash ah wiz havin’ a dook, duh-duh-duh-duh … “something something” Saturday night, rub… Continue Reading “Splish splash …”

Changes afoot …

Pals, it’s time to re-arrange it the bed. And you know how that goes – MUCH scratching and tossing of blankets and huffing and rolling and circling and even more scratching and tossing of blankets and … etc etc. BUT a bed that feels… Continue Reading “Changes afoot …”

Results coming in for Source & Solve

HDB has started a new album to record the efforts of all the Highland Dogblog dogs (and their humans) going the extra mile to source and solve litter problems in their communities – read all about them HERE!

When life is a little “full on” …

Well pals, there’s no doubt that this life is FULL ON. It’s been a wild couple of weeks here at HDB. So many joys and so many sorrows and all wrapped up in snow and Christmas round the corner too – ma whiskers are… Continue Reading “When life is a little “full on” …”


Pals, this may be the best couple of pounds The Mummy has ever spent oan me! Ah LOVE it! It’s a rubber snake that HDB bought yesterday at the B&M place. She then filled it up with ma kibble and a little chicken and… Continue Reading “SHAKE THE SNAKE!!!!”