Selkie’s Seconds for Munlochy Animal Aid

Stall SelkiesHDB’s Selkie’s Seconds project started in 2014 with the idea of collecting and selling second hand and unwanted pet items. The project has a two-fold purpose, 1) to raise funds for MAA, and 2) to offer affordable second hand pet equipment to local pet owners in tough economic times.

With the help of Dogblog volunteers the project aims to raise between two and three thousand pounds per annum for Munlochy Animal Aid.

Eight to ten formal sales are held at various community gathering points throughout the year. And ad-hoc sales take place all the time via Facebook pages, word of mouth, equipment swaps, people giving each other items “for a donation to Selkie’s” etc.

Selkie’s Seconds also makes use of a network of collection points (local businesses) including: Pampered Pets, GO Outdoors and Animal Health Highland Ltd. Which gives us additional reach as people can drop items off during business hours directly in Inverness, Nairn and Dingwall and we can do “collections” as and when we get volunteers to take these on.

Additional benefits are also realised for MAA with us clearing out their offices and storerooms enabling them to work more easily, while we recycle and up cycle many of the items we find.

There are also benefits to our volunteers who enjoy finding solutions to odd transport issues to get crates or items from here and there, washing, cleaning and pricing days bring a lot of laughter, dump runs, bargaining for the best prices and sharing in the big reveals as we announce how much we’ve raised each month.

And finally, any items that we are unable to sell, if still useable are packed, stored and donated to a project for street dogs in Romania via local volunteers who are involved in collecting for pallets going across.

This project has raised almost £8,000 for Munlochy Animal Aid to date.