Facilities, Terms and Conditions


  • Scentral Park is run by volunteers as a community project
  • Anyone using Scentral Park does so at their OWN RISK
  • Park users are ALWAYS responsible for the behaviour of their own dogs
  • Scentral Park Management reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons, or to ask anyone to leave the premises at any time.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Using the park

  • The park is open to anyone, but operates on a BOOKINGS ONLY system to ensure the safety of all park users. If you would like to join us please contact us for an application form. Note: as of February 2020 the park is operating at full capacity and you will need to join a queue to be accepted as a new park user.
  • “Booking the park” means it is reserved for your personal use for the hour. We do not currently have organised play dates, or socialisation classes. However, you are welcome to use our Facebook page and approach other park members to request meet ups.
  • Appointments are booked for one hour, unless otherwise requested.
  • Each booking effectively uses up two hours of park time as we leave half an hour free before and after EVERY appointment so that dogs and people with special needs can get in and out of the park safely.
  • From time to time we may need to change your booking to accommodate a community event, urgent park maintenance or a dog with special needs. You will be contacted with as much advance notice as we have.

 Facilities: what we DO have

  • We have a fenced area which you can book for personal use for you and your dogs.
  • There is lots of street parking, as well as space for two cars directly in front of the main gate.
  • There are two areas suitable for use: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 has the addition of an “air-lock” type gate with a double entry/exit system into Phase 2. (Phase 3 is now under development).
  • Each of our areas has slightly different fence heights and combinations of fence materials, and there is a mature hedge all the way around the field outside the fence line.
  • Gates can be bolted from inside or locked for additional security (there is a lock in a pink tupperware under a plank on the stones inside the first pedestrian gate for your convenience).
  • The park area is fenced to contain dogs and checked frequently. However, this is an unmanned site run as a community project and we cannot guarantee that the fences are impenetrable. Please check the area for yourself, with your own dogs’ needs in mind before allowing your dog off lead in the enclosures.
  • There is a poo bin on site, we’d be grateful if you’d use it, and if you do see uncollected poops while you’re in the park please do a “goodwill pick up” – it just helps keep things running smoothly for everyone.
  • There is a well-stocked toy box in Phase 1 and you are welcome to use the toys and balls – please put them back after use.
  • Access for people with disabilities is possible to certain areas but still needs to be managed. Please discuss your needs with us and we will do our best to make the necessary arrangements.

Facilities: what we DON’T have:

  • Unfortunately, there are no toilet facilities and no running water on the site.


  • Should you need it there is a First Aid Kit inside the toy box in Phase 1
  • Access to the park in an emergency: there are RED BOLTS along the fence lines – in an emergency these bolts can be removed by hand and the fences lifted out to get a vehicle in.
  • In the case of any serious emergency while using the park please contact the Police or relevant authority for help FIRST, and then the Scentral Park team.

Costs and how to pay

  • A donation of £5 per appointment is suggested for personal use. However, having to pay, or feeling like you must donate, should never stop you from using the park as it is a community asset. If you are not able to pay you are still welcome to use the park.
  • Businesses wishing to use the park must pay in advance. Rates are: £5 for one dog for the hour, £7.50 for two to three dogs and £10 for a maximum of five dogs.
  • Our bank account details are:
    TSB Bank. Sort Code: 87 39 02 / Bank Acc No: 826 030 68
  • Our Paypal details are highlanddogblog@gmail.com
    Please use the “friends and family” option or include 50p to cover the service fee
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