Scentral Park is the name given to a volunteer run piece of fenced land in Dingwall where dogs are able to be off lead in a secure, controlled space.

The park is a community asset created and run by volunteers for the benefit of the dogs and people who need this kind of a space.

If you would like to use the park please get in touch via Facebook messenger on our page (Scentral Park – Dingwall), or email us at the address below. Please tell us a little about your dog/s, where you are based, and ensure we have a contact number for you. We will then be in touch with details about how to book/use and pay for the facility.

If you want to use email please contact Dianne at

(The land is owned by Mr M Mohamed of the Royal Guesthouse Dingwall. HDB has his permission to use the area for our community projects.  HDB reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons, or to ask anyone to leave the premises at any time. Please note that there is to be no alcohol in the park at any time.)  Please note that anyone using Scentral Park does to at their OWN RISK and park users are ALWAYS responsible for the behaviour of their own dogs.

Scentral Park - Map


Two of three doors to Scentral Park have bolts installed and are able to be closed from the inside. The latches also allow for a small personal padlock to be used if you wish to be 100 percent sure that no-one walks in on your session. In addition, there is a “No Entry” sign for your use at the entrance gate/or in the toy box. If your dogs need it, please feel free to place the sign across the double gate when using the park so that anyone entering the park will have to physically lift the sign to gain access.

If there is an emergency and you need to gain vehicular access to the fields the bolts on the fences painted RED can be removed by hand and the fences simply lifted to one side.


The park is divided into three sections. You enter into Phase 3 (as yet undeveloped); go through the first door into Phase 2 (secure) and then through the last two doors into Phase 1 (secure).

Depending on the needs of your dogs, and their level of reactivity please feel free to use both Phase 1 and 2. HDB cannot guarantee that your dog will not escape, but we do spend a great deal of time making sure things are safe, checking the fences, and responding to any reports for things needed mended.

Fence height: if you dogs are excellent jumpers you MUST please assess the fields from your own perspective and make a judgement call. The fence height varies, as does the foliage on the on other side of the fences. In our experience few dogs will attempt the jump because of the hedges behind the fence, but there is no way we can know how your dog will respond. The fence is not insurmountable and it is important to note that you are always responsible for your own dogs.


There is no piped water at Scentral Park so please remember to bring water for your dogs. Bowls are available.


Please note that the field is a high use area and it is important for us to keep it clean to prevent any health issues. Please ensure that ALL dog waste is picked up (there are always extra bags at the field in the toy box if you run out).

Disposal: there is currently a “red poo bin” as you leave the block on the cross road with Strath View for waste disposal. We are working on providing facilities inside the park.

As dog owners we all know some fellow owners who “don’t pick up”. Dogblog does have volunteer poo patrols at the park, but please, if you see an unclaimed deposit while you are at the park we would be very grateful if you could scoop the poop.


Please do not leave dog toys IN the field (you are welcome to leave toys in the toy box, and to use any toys in the toy box too). The reason for this is that some dogs using Scentral Park are “toy obsessed” and are working very hard on relaxation techniques. Finding a ball in the middle of their training can switch them on for hours and undo hours of hard work.