Selkie Seal spotted with much younger lad!

In a world exclusive Pawparazzi can reveal that Selkie Seal of Highland Dogblog fame was photographed yesterday leaving her house in broad daylight with a young, handsome spaniel. Sources reveal that his name is Finn and he is a much younger lad from the village of Inver! We can also reveal that even The Mummy was surprised to hear that the two were caught roaring around the Seaboard Villages in Finn’s black MX5 while The Mummy was getting her car serviced in Tain. Despite contacting both their representatives there was no comment from either camp.

In the bag for May 2019!

So a big thank you from me and The Mummy for joining us on another My Walk, My Bag! weekend. Soggy doggies and all, we did it. That’s 18 months in a row now that we’ve all been at this together. None of this flash in the pan / once off nonsense here at Dogblog. If you want change you got to keep plugging away … pecking awa’ (!) … we call it “Callum’s Roading” here (because once when we were “having a moment” in the early days of Dogblog Ghillie Dhu’s dad gave us a book about a man wot built his own road with just a wheelbarrow for lugging rocks about and determination). Thank you for helping us build a new road to a different way of living, yous are the best. Love Selkie x


Dreich today. Verra. It’s going to take some digging deep to get out there and clean up other people’s rubbish. So, ahm here to tell you, if you really can’t face it, wait for it … it’s ok! Yep, you can have another go this afternoon or tomorrow, or next month or even skip one! Ah know how hard you try, and IT’S ENOUGH! Some days it’s enough to just wake up and “hug yer dug”. It’s enough to just BE and not do anything. Ah know that you are good to it the wurrld the best you can be, and ah know that there are a LOT of demands on every one of you, and that it can feel relentless. Even ah ask you to do it all kinds of things, and you do, and we have changed the wurrld for the better on lots of days. SO … if today is one of those that you just can’t, know this, and keep it close, Selkie Seal says it’s OK and you is ENOUGH, just the way you are, right here, right now. You don’t have to do anything more, be anything more, or try any harder because ah know you are doing it your best. And you can take that to the bank. Loves it you, Selkie x

More beds than any other dog in the wurrld? You decide!

Pawparazzi recently came across this picture of Mr Alfie Woof Woof. Can it be true? Said Alfie Woof Woof is well known in these parts, somewhat notorious for fox poo rolling and other whiffy activities, but really, this many beds? What do readers think, real or fake news?!

Changes afoot …

Pals, it’s time to re-arrange it the bed. And you know how that goes – MUCH scratching and tossing of blankets and huffing and rolling and circling and even more scratching and tossing of blankets and … etc etc. BUT a bed that feels re-organised and re-comfied is the way to go, just ask any dog, any day of the week. That being said, exactly what am ah oan aboot this morning? Well, after lots of the aforementioned, ah have decided to retire from it ma daily Facebook postings. But – dinnae panic! Ahm not retiring, retiring! Just changing things up. Ah will still be writing Dispatches from the Dogverse, and there will still be Dogblog projects, it’s just that ahm going to move in the direction of working more from ma website than from Facebook, and ah think ahm going to post “less often but with more content”. Ahm not really sure what that means but The Mummy says she’ll teach me. It will be a SLOW move, you know nothing moves fast here at Dogblog, especially not The Mummy (hehehe!) and we will experiment for a bit and try out new ideas. And to be honest, we’re not really sure what we’re doing, but that’s nothing new around here and ah know you can all relate! Ah just know that it’s time for a change and The Mummy says “faint heart never won fair maiden”, personally ah’ve no idea what that means when it’s chasing a ball, but ahm always up for something new so here we go. Remember, ah said “slow move” so watch this space and ah’ll keep you up to date. Now, up and at ‘em and go be good to the wurrld! Love from me, Selkie Seal x

Cromarty Ferry … even better now!

The Cromarty Ferry has started up again for the 2019 season and it’s even better than before. How’s that? It now comes with its very own on-board Sprocker pup called OREO. Selkie and HDB had the pleasure of meeting him yesterday and he’s a wee cracker! So make sure to say hi and give him a cuddle. The Ferry is 100% dog friendly and the folks who run things are always super friendly.

FYI the Ferry is raising money for Cancer Research UK and all proceeds from trips this Sat (May 18th) will go towards CRUK. So, normal fees apply, but add in a wee bit extra if you can.

Source & Solve

A My Walk, My Bag! update …

So Selkie and HDB managed to “source” the plastic shells we’ve ALL been picking up at Alness Point and Evanton. We took pictures, reported the matter and yesterday’s paper gives the full story. I have also added my statement in full for those of you who want to know what HDB’s official position is. The issue is not yet “solved” but we’ll be following up and making sure things happen. Thank you to SEPA and to the Ross-shire Journal for taking the matter seriously.

If you’re part of this fight against plastic please could you share this post? It is important to get the word out that communities, and especially Highland Dogblog dogs, are now not only litter picking but we’re taking action too … it’s time to end littering – let’s keep the pressure oan pals!

Speaking on behalf of Highland Dogblog, founder Lauren Wilson said “It is hard to accept that while we are in the next bay litter picking, others are happily filling the sea with plastic. There has been so much focus on what plastic is doing to the world, and especially to the sea. The Cromarty Firth has everything: fish, dolphins, otters, seals, all kinds of important birds, as well as all sorts of industry and recreation, jobs and tourism. Many, many people spend time working to balance everyone’s needs here. And then this. We have reported the matter to SEPA, and other organisations, and we really hope they will act. We don’t want to deprecate people’s sports or enjoyment, but the time for this is over, and everyone should be mindful of what effect their sports and other actions have on everyone else and the environment. Highland Dogblog and its members are going to keep “sourcing and solving” and encouraging as many ordinary people as we can to figure out where their local litter is coming from and see if they can change things.”

My Walk, My Bag! March 2019

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Results coming in for Source & Solve

HDB has started a new album to record the efforts of all the Highland Dogblog dogs (and their humans) going the extra mile to source and solve litter problems in their communities – read all about them HERE!

Rocky from Chantal’s Walkabout – getting it sorted!

Selkie launches new campaign!

So this month ahm introducing a new project as part of “My Walk, My Bag!” because we are taking things to the next level of this game! Yep, ma new project is called Selkie’s “Source and Solve” and you are ALL invited to play!

It goes like this, when you notice things on your litter picks or beach walks or mountain walks etc that “aren’t right” or are very obviously from “x” you get a chance to be a whistle blower and it’s time to SOURCE & SOLVE. So, for example, this sign board appeared overnight on Susie Doodle and Nico’s patch, and, it happened to be right next to where a brand new (undamaged!) sign was put up! TIME TO ACT!

Susie’s mum LEFT the board, took a photo, and wrote to the company asking if they knew about this and was it usual practice?!?! Hah! They were straight back to her with a “we had no idea, contractor, we’ll get it sorted”. Not quite the end of the story, it was still there a few days later, so Susie’s mum did ANOTHER email and this time = RESULT. The board was gone and ahm quite sure someone got their bum bitten and is unlikely to do it again!

The thing ah like about “Source & Solve” is that it’s the next step up from litter picking – trying to get to the place where it’s coming from. Enough is enough. Can’t always be done, ah know, believe me, you know ma beach glass is all WWII stuff, not much ah can do about that, BUT, if you have an idea – FOLLOW UP and REPORT IN! And HDB will cover your stories, and make you a “Triple S” member! (Selkie’s Source & Solve) – hope you are going to join in with it your usual GUSTO?!?!?!