My Walk, My Bag!

Time to UP OUR GAME on plastic and other gunk, and dogs know a thing or two about games.

SO … here’s the deal: on the last weekend of every month (and a Monday!) we are ALL going to head out with an extra bag – doesn’t matter if it’s a poo bag, a shopping bag or a MAHOOSIVE bag, just take an extra.

While you are racing about collect up plastic and other litter. When your bag is full try and catch your dogs and take a photo of them with “your bag”. Then, finish you walk (yes, with the manky bag) and go sort out “your” rubbish (joy!). Recycle what you can, and throw the rest away in a landfill bin.

THEN, head to Dogblog for a good old “brag your bag” session. Post your photos, tell us your dog/s name/s, where you all were, what you found and any other bits of info you want to share with HDB and Selkie.

Watch for YOUR pin to appear on our map to show that “you did yours” and for your photos to pop up on our newsfeed.

SHARE like crazy dogs and then … DO IT ALL AGAIN NEXT MONTH!


Inspired by a documentary called Arctic Peril covering Lewis Pugh‘s swim in the Arctic to raise awareness about what plastic is doing to the world, HDB & Selkie decided it was time for us to up our game. As a community group, we’re well used to local litter picks but really it was the right time, and the right campaign, for us to start using the HDB platform to its full potential.

We decided to ask Selkie’s pals to help. 

AND THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! …. more than ONE HUNDRED locations have been mapped EVERY MONTH!

That’s US DOGS, and our humans, keeping it WOOF! BIG TIME!