HDB Pack Walks

Highland Dogblog pack walks are social get-togethers for group dog walking. There are no fees, and our walks are open to everyone. And although there are “walk hosts” at every walk, no-one is in charge, so common sense is really important for safe, fun walks.
Most of us are ordinary dog lovers, not professional dog behaviourists, so these “basics” are all based on hard won experience. We’ve worked them out together over the past four years, often using the “middle ground” on contentious issues. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a system that works for most of us.
Please note that HDB promotes and encourages responsible dog ownership. We also value a respectful, non-conflict and co-operative approach to problem solving within our group.
You will need to familiarise yourself with our pack walks etiquette and follow the guidelines when you’re out and about in “Dogblog groups”.
Protecting and enhancing our good name as a community group is important to all of us and these notes will help you understand a lot of the “Dogblog speak” we have picked up over the years. Please ask if anything isn’t clear.
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