HDB’s Main Activities

Highland Dogblog is a community based network of people with a shared love of dogs and the Highlands and Islands regions of Scotland. What started as a social media network has evolved over the past four and a half years into an exciting hybrid of social media and social action.

Highland Dogblog’s main activities are:

  • The hosting, administration and support of all HDB social media pages, associated groups and web pages, including the generation of creative content and active online community management.
  • Arranging, financing and hosting real world community events such as pack walks, play dates, work parties and community litter picks.
  • Strategic networking across all platforms for the benefit of members, their dogs and our community as a whole. Also involves ad-hoc project management where an identified need can be addressed by our community.
  • Construction, management, financing and maintenance of Scentral Park (a securely fenced safe area where numerous activities are hosted)
  • Putting together small groups of volunteers on an as needs basis to help members of our community.

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