Cost of using Scentral Park

Scentral Park is a community asset created and run by volunteers for the benefit of the dogs and people who need this kind of a space. It is a modest, but important, source of income for us and enables us to pay towards the rent of Barkers’ Bothy (our small industrial unit where we store our tools, and where we run the Selkie’s Seconds project for Munlochy Animal Aid).

If you can afford to make a donation for using the field, we would be very grateful. However, if you cannot afford to make a monetary contribution, and your dogs need the field, please use it anyway!

Suggested donation: some members are able to make a donation of £5 per session.

If you are having a play date with lots of dogs please consider “passing the hat” and asking everyone to put a couple of pounds in.

Donations for using Scentral Park can be made via paypal to, or directly into our account (Acc no: 826 030 68 / Sort Code: 87 39 02 (TSB).

You can also make out a cheque to Highland Dogblog and post it to 3 Old Distillery, Dingwall, IV15 9XE.

 Any use of the park for business reasons (e.g. dog training / photography) must be discussed with HDB in advance.

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