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AniForte UK – Review: YUM YUM WOW!

So, ah have finished it ma review of the goodies sent to me by AniForte UK. Ah could write a whole long page for you to read but ahm going to say it three things instead: Salmon Oil – YUM! Sprats – YUM! Doggie… Continue Reading “AniForte UK – Review: YUM YUM WOW!”

When life is a little “full on” …

Well pals, there’s no doubt that this life is FULL ON. It’s been a wild couple of weeks here at HDB. So many joys and so many sorrows and all wrapped up in snow and Christmas round the corner too – ma whiskers are… Continue Reading “When life is a little “full on” …”

Fishy business …

Post 1 – 26th October: “Er, ahm not sure, so ah said ah’d ask it you lot. So, The Mummy has agreed to do a review for Aniforte UK – in particular their “Premium Salmon Oil for Dogs”, Fishy Snacks (Sprats) and a shampoo and… Continue Reading “Fishy business …”


Pals, this may be the best couple of pounds The Mummy has ever spent oan me! Ah LOVE it! It’s a rubber snake that HDB bought yesterday at the B&M place. She then filled it up with ma kibble and a little chicken and… Continue Reading “SHAKE THE SNAKE!!!!”

Working with Action4Dogs

Well pals, ah made sure to get it a thorough briefing from Max before he left this afternoon and it sounds like on the whole things went verra well indeed with your trainings. Big thank yous to everyone for coming out this weekend –… Continue Reading “Working with Action4Dogs”