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Nethers and feathers

Mornings 🙂 Apparently, there comes a time when one must choose it function over fashion and such a line are been crossed. Ah went swimming the other day and ah was still damp many hours later at which point The Mummy began muttering about ear infections.… Continue Reading “Nethers and feathers”

Tia ‘n me friday!

Afternoons everyone – is you all doing ok? It was “Tia ‘n Me” Friday and we made it our one walk count! Ahm telling you what, The Mummy says she won’t be hearing from either of us again for a while. Well that was… Continue Reading “Tia ‘n me friday!”

Selkie – March 2020

Nose Pose 2020!

It’s OAN! Get your pictures taken and get posting! Click HERE

Selkie's Back

News from the desk of Selkie Seal … Mornings! Right you lot, it seems that “online happy places” are required by the wurrld – big time. Ah happen to know of one – in fact, it was quite a good one if ah say… Continue Reading “Selkie's Back”

Big stuff and small stuff

Mornings! So you know how the “big stuff” can completely overwhelm it a body? And you wonder if anything you ever do makes it any difference at all, and why bother doing it the right thing when “everyone else” seems to do it the… Continue Reading “Big stuff and small stuff”

Tummies in, tails high!

Afternoons! So in-between the showers the sun is shining here in Inver and ahm helping out in it the garden. There might be some ball throwing happening as well đź™‚ Ma weigh-in went really well, thank you everyone, and ah’ve lost a wee bit of weight… Continue Reading “Tummies in, tails high!”

Cheese burgies

Mornings! As if being oan a diet isn’t hard enough ma Uncle Wayne has to eat it burgies right there in front of me! Ah’ll burgie him in a quick minute – there’s CHEESE oan that burgie, CHEESE! Ah haven’t seen cheese for months!… Continue Reading “Cheese burgies”

Splish splash …

Better get those extra towels out today people. Ah know some of you will be hiding in yer beds, but the rest of us are expecting “business as usual” – splish splash ah wiz havin’ a dook, duh-duh-duh-duh … “something something” Saturday night, rub… Continue Reading “Splish splash …”

Middle-aged spread – as if!

Pals, ahm thinking of leaving home. Aye, me. The Mummy and ah have had it a falling out – big time. It all started innocently enough, we had to take Jac to it the vet to see his “no-eye” (that’s what his mom calls… Continue Reading “Middle-aged spread – as if!”