Siccaro drying coat review

A fine addition!

The Siccaro Supreme-Pro drying coat  is a serious piece of kit. Beautifully made, great quality and very absorbent (gets better with wash and wear too). For seriously soggy doggy days, combined with cold weather, this is the drying coat that goes in the car with us.

It’s a little more fuss that a lightweight drying robe, and I feel that we will definitely get more use out of it in winter than summer, but it has all the bells and whistles (like back leg panels and proper fastening clips) and it has great neck/chest coverage and really wraps up the dog properly after exercising or working in bad weather.

For us personally, HDB loved the long neck (I thought it would give Selkie’s ears a chance to dry) but Selkie decided she wasn’t having the “hoodie” on. Size-wise we should perhaps have gone down a size and maybe if the hood had fitted more snugly this wouldn’t have bothered her so much, but it’s a minor detail. The Siccaro is a well made, solid drying coat and a good addition to the current selection available to wet and filthy dugs everywhere!

Disclosure: HDB received a large Siccaro drying coat free of charge for this review.


Selkie’s DAWGS add more than 70 locations to Word Cleanup Day

The results are in and between us DAWGS (Dogs Against Waste Globally) we added more than 70 locations to the global total for World Cleanup Day. DAWGS reported in from all across the Highlands and Islands, other regions of Scotland, as well as England, Northern Ireland, Tanzania, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Australia and The Netherlands!

Organisers operating from Estonia even gave posts from HDB airtime on the international page because what we were doing was so different! And Sandra Swanson’s photograph (featuring wee Kirstin) was selected by them for a promotional post.

What a fantastic experience it was to participate in a worldwide day of cleaning the planet. It feels like the tipping point is finally coming. Thank you for being part of it all and for all your fabulous support.


Scottish Highlands - Alness Point
Photo: Sandra Swanson, DIngwall

Highland Dogblog and Action4Dogs

Highland Dogblog will be teaming up again with Max Muir from Action4Dogs for three days in May. Over the three days (13, 14 and 15th) we will be hosting one-on-one consultations at Scentral Park (fully booked), AND Max will also give a talk on the Saturday evening (details still to be finalised). More soon meantime SAVE THE DATE!  P.M. Sat 13th May!

If you have missed this opportunity for a one on one with Max and you would like to see him next time he’s up north please send Lauren an email so you can get your name on the waiting list