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Selkie's Back

News from the desk of Selkie Seal … Mornings! Right you lot, it seems that “online happy places” are required by the wurrld – big time. Ah happen to know of one – in fact, it was quite a good one if ah say… Continue Reading “Selkie's Back”

In the bag for May 2019!

So a big thank you from me and The Mummy for joining us on another My Walk, My Bag! weekend. Soggy doggies and all, we did it. That’s 18 months in a row now that we’ve all been at this together. None of this… Continue Reading “In the bag for May 2019!”

Cromarty Ferry … even better now!

The Cromarty Ferry has started up again for the 2019 season and it’s even better than before. How’s that? It now comes with its very own on-board Sprocker pup called OREO. Selkie and HDB had the pleasure of meeting him yesterday and he’s a… Continue Reading “Cromarty Ferry … even better now!”

Source & Solve

A My Walk, My Bag! update … So Selkie and HDB managed to “source” the plastic shells we’ve ALL been picking up at Alness Point and Evanton. We took pictures, reported the matter and yesterday’s paper gives the full story. I have also added… Continue Reading “Source & Solve”

My Walk, My Bag! March 2019

Join up, join in! Click HERE

Results coming in for Source & Solve

HDB has started a new album to record the efforts of all the Highland Dogblog dogs (and their humans) going the extra mile to source and solve litter problems in their communities – read all about them HERE!

Selkie launches new campaign!

So this month ahm introducing a new project as part of “My Walk, My Bag!” because we are taking things to the next level of this game! Yep, ma new project is called Selkie’s “Source and Solve” and you are ALL invited to play!… Continue Reading “Selkie launches new campaign!”

Thoughts on things and stuff.

Sunday evening and the fire’s on. We’re just back from a beautiful, icy beach walk. Selkie’s had her dinner, licked her whiskers clean and curled up in a wee ball on her bed, paws paddling, dreamies on. There’s a cup of hot tea on… Continue Reading “Thoughts on things and stuff.”

That’s 2018 (almost) in the bag!

HDB’s monthly “My Walk, My Bag!” is coming up at the end of the month withDecember marking the 13th time dogs across the world put their “paws to their paths” under the HDB flag and join in the worldwide efforts against plastic and other… Continue Reading “That’s 2018 (almost) in the bag!”

A super human as well as Supervet!

Morning. An inspiring weekend for HDB. Headed off to Glasgow to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick‘s show “Welcome to my World”. Honestly, what can you say about that man? He’s something else, and his wee border terrier girlie Keira is absolutely gorgeous too. Also managed a… Continue Reading “A super human as well as Supervet!”