Source & Solve

A My Walk, My Bag! update …

So Selkie and HDB managed to “source” the plastic shells we’ve ALL been picking up at Alness Point and Evanton. We took pictures, reported the matter and yesterday’s paper gives the full story. I have also added my statement in full for those of you who want to know what HDB’s official position is. The issue is not yet “solved” but we’ll be following up and making sure things happen. Thank you to SEPA and to the Ross-shire Journal for taking the matter seriously.

If you’re part of this fight against plastic please could you share this post? It is important to get the word out that communities, and especially Highland Dogblog dogs, are now not only litter picking but we’re taking action too … it’s time to end littering – let’s keep the pressure oan pals!

Speaking on behalf of Highland Dogblog, founder Lauren Wilson said “It is hard to accept that while we are in the next bay litter picking, others are happily filling the sea with plastic. There has been so much focus on what plastic is doing to the world, and especially to the sea. The Cromarty Firth has everything: fish, dolphins, otters, seals, all kinds of important birds, as well as all sorts of industry and recreation, jobs and tourism. Many, many people spend time working to balance everyone’s needs here. And then this. We have reported the matter to SEPA, and other organisations, and we really hope they will act. We don’t want to deprecate people’s sports or enjoyment, but the time for this is over, and everyone should be mindful of what effect their sports and other actions have on everyone else and the environment. Highland Dogblog and its members are going to keep “sourcing and solving” and encouraging as many ordinary people as we can to figure out where their local litter is coming from and see if they can change things.”

Selkie launches new campaign!

So this month ahm introducing a new project as part of “My Walk, My Bag!” because we are taking things to the next level of this game! Yep, ma new project is called Selkie’s “Source and Solve” and you are ALL invited to play!

It goes like this, when you notice things on your litter picks or beach walks or mountain walks etc that “aren’t right” or are very obviously from “x” you get a chance to be a whistle blower and it’s time to SOURCE & SOLVE. So, for example, this sign board appeared overnight on Susie Doodle and Nico’s patch, and, it happened to be right next to where a brand new (undamaged!) sign was put up! TIME TO ACT!

Susie’s mum LEFT the board, took a photo, and wrote to the company asking if they knew about this and was it usual practice?!?! Hah! They were straight back to her with a “we had no idea, contractor, we’ll get it sorted”. Not quite the end of the story, it was still there a few days later, so Susie’s mum did ANOTHER email and this time = RESULT. The board was gone and ahm quite sure someone got their bum bitten and is unlikely to do it again!

The thing ah like about “Source & Solve” is that it’s the next step up from litter picking – trying to get to the place where it’s coming from. Enough is enough. Can’t always be done, ah know, believe me, you know ma beach glass is all WWII stuff, not much ah can do about that, BUT, if you have an idea – FOLLOW UP and REPORT IN! And HDB will cover your stories, and make you a “Triple S” member! (Selkie’s Source & Solve) – hope you are going to join in with it your usual GUSTO?!?!?!

Thoughts on things and stuff.

Sunday evening and the fire’s on. We’re just back from a beautiful, icy beach walk. Selkie’s had her dinner, licked her whiskers clean and curled up in a wee ball on her bed, paws paddling, dreamies on. There’s a cup of hot tea on the desk, HQ is quiet and peaceful, and I’m looking back at a list of appointments from the 2018 diary.

It’s been another eventful year for Highland Dogblog, and while I wasn’t always quite sure which parts of the ship were going to make it through the storms, I knew the core was solid and we would emerge. And we have, different, but sound. And most important of all: still madly, passionately, ridiculously in love with dogs; keeping it woof and being good to the wurrld!

2018 saw us saying goodbye to two of our big projects: Selkie’s Seconds and Barker’s Bothy. Selks and I are super proud of both projects and all they achieved, as well as grateful to everyone who worked together to make them what they were.

There were more changes facing us when we reined in the HDB hosted pack walks. These had unfortunately become a victim of their own success, and despite trying out a few different options, I felt that we weren’t able to manage them properly and it would be better to let them come to a natural end. Again, we are happy to have had hundreds of walks with paw pals from all over the Highlands and Islands, proud of what we achieved together all of us and glad to know there are still pockets of friends who met through HDB still out walking together.

On the upside we held onto Scentral Park and all that it enables us to do. The project has gone from strength to strength and continues to be supported by HDB volunteers who give up their personal time to keep this special place on the go. It’s almost three years now since Mr Mohamed gave us permission to use his land and we are very much in his debt.

Following on from lots of community litter picks over the years we went on to introduce a new project in January called My Walk, My Bag! which has enabled us to play a much more active and ongoing role, together with millions of people across the world, facing up to the challenges of plastic and other waste clogging up our environment. Dog walkers have a unique niche that we are able to cover, and it’s been a joy seeing folks coming together under the HDB flag to tackle local environmental problems. The fact that this campaign is now celebrating a whole year’s worth of effort, month after month, whatever the weather, chipping away, one bag at a time, speaks volumes about you, your dogs and your commitment to keeping things woof. Oan yersels!

We did end 2018 without our usual Christmas Party in the forest but there was just no way our wee “Dingwall family” could take that on having lost our big man Riley at the beginning of the month. He was so much a part of everything at HDB and we are feeling his loss keenly. Thank you for understanding, and for supporting Dianne in what I hope will become a happy, new tradition of “Coffee & Chats” at the park.  

I’d also like to say thank you to the Board of HDB who quietly support the whirlwind that is HDB. I so appreciate their counsel, and their unwavering support no matter how many times Selkie and I change direction and charge off on new quests.

And speaking of herself … well, my “wee” Selkie Seal turned seven this year and is, I’m happy to say, as mischievous as ever. Keeping up with her adventures and her wild Highland spirit is a full-time job for The Mummy. She has absolutely loved, loved, loved moving to her new “house by the sea” and having her own wee garden. We have been in our new village for about six months now and have met some wonderful doggie pals and kind people. Selkie says we are two “verra lucky souls” and I agree with her 100 per cent on that one. We are also both very grateful for all your messages and support during those times she was “vet ridden” and on her “fishing line” for different reasons during the year. You cheered us up no end – thank you.

Pals, Selks & HDB are not really ones for new year’s resolutions. Selkie says it’s better to “look it back” over the year that was and say thank you for all the blessings and incredible people we have been able to share the year with. She also says that it’s good to “try and learn it some lessons” from stuff if you can, but not to stress about the past. Much more important, she tells me, is that once you’ve “done it your thank yous, counted it your blessings and learned it your lessons” is that it’s time to “turn back around, get your tail up, put your nose in the air and face whatever the new year has in store”.

“We gots to take it things as they come, one day at a time, do it the best we can, with ower pals, and that’s all, and that’s enough” Selkie Seal.

And on that note then thank you all for being our pals, for answering “the call” to all the crazy ideas we have foisted upon you during the year, for picking up the balls we’ve dropped and manning the fort when we couldn’t – I think we can say goodbye to 2018 knowing that together we kept it woof, big time. How about we do it ALL AGAIN in 2019?

Lots of love to you and your families, and a special thought to everyone who has lots their precious ones during the year.

Lauren & Selkie x

p.s. Rufty Tufty forever!

That’s 2018 (almost) in the bag!

HDB’s monthly “My Walk, My Bag!” is coming up at the end of the month with
December marking the 13th time dogs across the world put their “paws to their paths” under the HDB flag and join in the worldwide efforts against plastic and other gunk!

Thirteen clean ups have been completed in twelve months – and that’s a LOT of rubbish. Well done everyone. We couldn’t be more proud of you and we’re looking forward to bringing 2018 to a fabulous, positive close with one more … so paws to your paths on the weekend of the 29th – 1 Jan – let’s get out there and keep it woof! 

Holly, Keira and Rio from Finstown, Orkney (pic: Susan Harcus)

A super human as well as Supervet!

Morning. An inspiring weekend for HDB. Headed off to Glasgow to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick‘s show “Welcome to my World”. Honestly, what can you say about that man? He’s something else, and his wee border terrier girlie Keira is absolutely gorgeous too.

Also managed a quick visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to see the “Welly Boot Dug” (as you do!) and just generally enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city. Happy to be home with Selkie and back in the countryside this morning, HDB is not made for the city long term that’s for sure, but it was a fantastic experience. If you’re ever feeling the need to remember there are other people in the world who love animals as much as you do spend some time “with” the “Supervet” he is a very special human being.