Nethers and feathers

Mornings 🙂 Apparently, there comes a time when one must choose it function over fashion and such a line are been crossed. Ah went swimming the other day and ah was still damp many hours later at which point The Mummy began muttering about ear infections. Next thing ah knew the scissors were out and ah had it ma ears, ma feets, ma nethers and ma feathers trimmed! ‘Struth – ah am one uneven and jaggy pooch but ah am drying quicker, and getting it ma feets checked for grass seeds properly and … well ma other bits and pieces get checked for ticks of an evening – TMI? Ha, ha – woteva! Hope you are all doing ok, we are thinking of adding it a new word to the dictionary – it’s for when you’re not ok, but you’re not not ok (i.e. and people need to worry or rush round etc) but just for when you’re feeling “no-k” and ye dinnae want to say “I’m fine” because that are not actually true. So, if yous are feeling no-k ah can tell you that it’s a bit rubbish, but it passes and we are all having it the same moments – just makes us “normal” and that will be a first around here! Sending jaggy love, Selkie Seal x

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