Tia ‘n me friday!

Afternoons everyone – is you all doing ok? It was “Tia ‘n Me” Friday and we made it our one walk count! Ahm telling you what, The Mummy says she won’t be hearing from either of us again for a while. Well that was until ah let it out a monstrous “parp” to disturb it the silence and there has been much waving of hands and moaning and rude words being used. What can ah say? Ma tummy is a wee bit windy after all those crabs and mussels and seaweed and rabbit poops and fish sticks and … well, you know what its like after it an all you can eat buffet! Never mind, ah’ve no more plans the day so ahm just going to lie in it the sunshine and have a snoozle and then perhaps a wee ball play in the garden later, ah’ll see how ah feel Anyways, happy day you lot, love from me, Selkie Seal (and Tia) x

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