Selkie's Back

News from the desk of Selkie Seal …

Mornings! Right you lot, it seems that “online happy places” are required by the wurrld – big time. Ah happen to know of one – in fact, it was quite a good one if ah say so maself … aye, it’s time for me to come out of retirement, it was fun while it lasted but we need the Dogverse back in our lives – and The Mummy and ah have decided to dust ourselves off and go back to work to see what we can do to keep spirits up. Who’d have thought we’d be here? But here we are (ah was always one for deep insights wasn’t ah?!) … so, here we go … if you need a happy place to be, where we don’t talk “shop” might ah recommend it Highland Dogblog? where we all keep it woof and where reality bends ever so slightly in favour of the happies 🙂

More later, but for now let me just say ahm going to be needing correspondents from ALL OVER THE WURRLD so get ready to rock n roll, write down this email: and ALL of you start looking for good news stories (dog flavoured of course!) and brush up your talents, and your tails, because who knows we might be having a few “festivals” and online events too!

Ah hope the above is in order?!?!?!

Loves it you,
Selkie Seal x

2 Comments on “Selkie's Back

  1. Lovely to hear and see you Selkie we all need cheering up the sun is out but we can’t go far only to the start of our drive with a dog walk break 😬 keep your tail wagging and we will do the same Ziggy, Mickey and Maisie xx


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