Big stuff and small stuff

Mornings! So you know how the “big stuff” can completely overwhelm it a body? And you wonder if anything you ever do makes it any difference at all, and why bother doing it the right thing when “everyone else” seems to do it the opposite? Well, ah know the answer. Ah’ve just finished reading all YOUR messages to Ben’s family, as well as all your thoughts on “sticky willy solutions” and looking at pictures of people working at Scentral Park to get it ready for a wee get together later and it seems to me that the answer IS to focus on the small stuff, and let the “big stuff” worry about itself – because the big stuff is just lots of small stuff all rolled together? Ahm feeling right philosophical this morning, but really what ahm saying is ah love it how kind you are, and how you take time to write wee messages to each other, all across the wurrld, and it makes ma heart happy, even if ahm sad aboot losing ma pal or all the things ah can’t change, ah know that we had it fun together, and we cared, and we is trying to be kind, and we is trying to do it the right thing, and in the end what more is there? Happy day ALL of yous, and big love to everyone who needs it today, Selkie Seal x

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