Splish splash …

Better get those extra towels out today people. Ah know some of you will be hiding in yer beds, but the rest of us are expecting “business as usual” – splish splash ah wiz havin’ a dook, duh-duh-duh-duh … “something something” Saturday night, rub a dub dub ah wiz relaxing in the mud … la la la la! 


Yes Mummy?

That’s not how that song goes.

Hah! It does the noo Mummy!!!!!!! Selkie x

One Comment on “Splish splash …

  1. Hiya Selkie, Billie here, I’m off to Scentral with my grumpy bro Alfie. Mammy hoping a good soaking will help with the smell cos even after a bath and shower I’m still a bit pongy since I found some lovely poo to roll in yesterday hehe

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