Middle-aged spread – as if!

Pals, ahm thinking of leaving home. Aye, me. The Mummy and ah have had it a falling out – big time. It all started innocently enough, we had to take Jac to it the vet to see his “no-eye” (that’s what his mom calls it!) – anyway – ah digress. We had to go to the vet so ah got bundled in the car, something about “Selkie, you could do with getting weighed, you’re looking a bit snug in that harness”. Aye, nae problem whatever. Off we go. Gets to it the vet, ah go in first, oan the scale, nae problem, and NEXT THING ah hear The Mummy say “Selkie! You pigly-wiggly! I knew you were getting FAT!”. EH??? Ah’ll say it again for em-pha-sis – EH??? In front of all those people? FAT? Hang oan just a wee minute here, a girl (or boy for that matter!) can put oan a pound or two without having to take it that kind of ABUSE at the vets, ABUSE it was. Yes, ah’ve picked up some weight (ah had a sneaking suspicion maself to be honest, a wee roll when ah sat doon, you know how it goes 

😉 but honestly there’s nae need for aw that, and might ah just add “pot – kettle” – ahem!!!!!!!! Anyway, before ah get fed cabbage or some such horribleness ah thought ah would consider ma options…. Actually, ah am getting a bit “rotund” now that ah think about it, sigh, apparently it’s called a middle-aged spread (charming!). So it’s a few cut backs for me, and a little more swimming for this spaniel! Curses! lol! There’s always a silver lining, see 

😉 Happy (fat) day yous, at least ahm lucky enough to have more food than ah need, clearly! Love from me, Selkie Seal x

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