Dreich today. Verra. It’s going to take some digging deep to get out there and clean up other people’s rubbish. So, ahm here to tell you, if you really can’t face it, wait for it … it’s ok! Yep, you can have another go this afternoon or tomorrow, or next month or even skip one! Ah know how hard you try, and IT’S ENOUGH! Some days it’s enough to just wake up and “hug yer dug”. It’s enough to just BE and not do anything. Ah know that you are good to it the wurrld the best you can be, and ah know that there are a LOT of demands on every one of you, and that it can feel relentless. Even ah ask you to do it all kinds of things, and you do, and we have changed the wurrld for the better on lots of days. SO … if today is one of those that you just can’t, know this, and keep it close, Selkie Seal says it’s OK and you is ENOUGH, just the way you are, right here, right now. You don’t have to do anything more, be anything more, or try any harder because ah know you are doing it your best. And you can take that to the bank. Loves it you, Selkie x

3 Comments on “Rest

  1. Thank you Selkie for your words of wisdom….it’s good to feel appreciated. Happy Sunday. 😘


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