Changes afoot …

Pals, it’s time to re-arrange it the bed. And you know how that goes – MUCH scratching and tossing of blankets and huffing and rolling and circling and even more scratching and tossing of blankets and … etc etc. BUT a bed that feels re-organised and re-comfied is the way to go, just ask any dog, any day of the week. That being said, exactly what am ah oan aboot this morning? Well, after lots of the aforementioned, ah have decided to retire from it ma daily Facebook postings. But – dinnae panic! Ahm not retiring, retiring! Just changing things up. Ah will still be writing Dispatches from the Dogverse, and there will still be Dogblog projects, it’s just that ahm going to move in the direction of working more from ma website than from Facebook, and ah think ahm going to post “less often but with more content”. Ahm not really sure what that means but The Mummy says she’ll teach me. It will be a SLOW move, you know nothing moves fast here at Dogblog, especially not The Mummy (hehehe!) and we will experiment for a bit and try out new ideas. And to be honest, we’re not really sure what we’re doing, but that’s nothing new around here and ah know you can all relate! Ah just know that it’s time for a change and The Mummy says “faint heart never won fair maiden”, personally ah’ve no idea what that means when it’s chasing a ball, but ahm always up for something new so here we go. Remember, ah said “slow move” so watch this space and ah’ll keep you up to date. Now, up and at ‘em and go be good to the wurrld! Love from me, Selkie Seal x

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