Source & Solve

A My Walk, My Bag! update …

So Selkie and HDB managed to “source” the plastic shells we’ve ALL been picking up at Alness Point and Evanton. We took pictures, reported the matter and yesterday’s paper gives the full story. I have also added my statement in full for those of you who want to know what HDB’s official position is. The issue is not yet “solved” but we’ll be following up and making sure things happen. Thank you to SEPA and to the Ross-shire Journal for taking the matter seriously.

If you’re part of this fight against plastic please could you share this post? It is important to get the word out that communities, and especially Highland Dogblog dogs, are now not only litter picking but we’re taking action too … it’s time to end littering – let’s keep the pressure oan pals!

Speaking on behalf of Highland Dogblog, founder Lauren Wilson said “It is hard to accept that while we are in the next bay litter picking, others are happily filling the sea with plastic. There has been so much focus on what plastic is doing to the world, and especially to the sea. The Cromarty Firth has everything: fish, dolphins, otters, seals, all kinds of important birds, as well as all sorts of industry and recreation, jobs and tourism. Many, many people spend time working to balance everyone’s needs here. And then this. We have reported the matter to SEPA, and other organisations, and we really hope they will act. We don’t want to deprecate people’s sports or enjoyment, but the time for this is over, and everyone should be mindful of what effect their sports and other actions have on everyone else and the environment. Highland Dogblog and its members are going to keep “sourcing and solving” and encouraging as many ordinary people as we can to figure out where their local litter is coming from and see if they can change things.”

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