Selkie launches new campaign!

So this month ahm introducing a new project as part of “My Walk, My Bag!” because we are taking things to the next level of this game! Yep, ma new project is called Selkie’s “Source and Solve” and you are ALL invited to play!

It goes like this, when you notice things on your litter picks or beach walks or mountain walks etc that “aren’t right” or are very obviously from “x” you get a chance to be a whistle blower and it’s time to SOURCE & SOLVE. So, for example, this sign board appeared overnight on Susie Doodle and Nico’s patch, and, it happened to be right next to where a brand new (undamaged!) sign was put up! TIME TO ACT!

Susie’s mum LEFT the board, took a photo, and wrote to the company asking if they knew about this and was it usual practice?!?! Hah! They were straight back to her with a “we had no idea, contractor, we’ll get it sorted”. Not quite the end of the story, it was still there a few days later, so Susie’s mum did ANOTHER email and this time = RESULT. The board was gone and ahm quite sure someone got their bum bitten and is unlikely to do it again!

The thing ah like about “Source & Solve” is that it’s the next step up from litter picking – trying to get to the place where it’s coming from. Enough is enough. Can’t always be done, ah know, believe me, you know ma beach glass is all WWII stuff, not much ah can do about that, BUT, if you have an idea – FOLLOW UP and REPORT IN! And HDB will cover your stories, and make you a “Triple S” member! (Selkie’s Source & Solve) – hope you are going to join in with it your usual GUSTO?!?!?!

One Comment on “Selkie launches new campaign!

  1. Fab idea! I did the same a few weeks ago beside a new construction company at Milton of Leys. I emailed the company on a Friday night and first thing on Monday morning I got a response from the site manager very apologetic and assuring me it would be cleared up – it as within 24 hours.


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