That’s 2018 (almost) in the bag!

HDB’s monthly “My Walk, My Bag!” is coming up at the end of the month with
December marking the 13th time dogs across the world put their “paws to their paths” under the HDB flag and join in the worldwide efforts against plastic and other gunk!

Thirteen clean ups have been completed in twelve months – and that’s a LOT of rubbish. Well done everyone. We couldn’t be more proud of you and we’re looking forward to bringing 2018 to a fabulous, positive close with one more … so paws to your paths on the weekend of the 29th – 1 Jan – let’s get out there and keep it woof! 

Holly, Keira and Rio from Finstown, Orkney (pic: Susan Harcus)

One Comment on “That’s 2018 (almost) in the bag!

  1. WoofWoofWoof cant wait till mom & i go back oot on ower beeches 🙂 we is going to be duzin it on newrs day then the mommy can walks ofs the foods and choclates luvz youz Daisy Dog

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