AniForte UK – Review: YUM YUM WOW!

So, ah have finished it ma review of the goodies sent to me by AniForte UK. Ah could write a whole long page for you to reaSalmon oild but ahm going to say it three things instead:

  1. Salmon Oil – YUM!
  2. Sprats – YUM!
  3. Doggie shampoo – WOW!

This concludes it ma review, what else does a person need to know?! Selkie x

HDB here, maybe just a little to add to Selkie’s review:

Selkie really enjoys the salmon oil and devours her food with it added. She then licks the bowl and keeps going back to the kitchen to lick it again! Her coat is lovely and sleek and shiny. Great quality bottle, easy dispensing and AniForte is 100% pure, cold pressed. I’d say definitely worth trying this brand if you’re a salmon oil fan or wanting to give it a try.

Sprats? She loved the sprats, and I loved the pail they came in which seals up tight and keeps the fish smell inside with the fish where it belongs. They were good quality, whole fish and are a fantastic natural treat for dogs.

Neem Oil Shampoo – HDB really liked this shampoo. It lathers up brilliantly but without any weird fragrances and rinses out really quickly. Leaves coat soft and beautiful. Very pleased with it.

Click HERE to go to the AniForte UK web site

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