When life is a little “full on” …

Well pals, there’s no doubt that this life is FULL ON. It’s been a wild couple of weeks here at HDB. So many joys and so many sorrows and all wrapped up in snow and Christmas round the corner too – ma whiskers are all over the place. We’ve had to say goodbye to our precious Oran, and Charles, and Kobi, and Aunt Molly and Glen too. Ruby’s still missing in the forest. Auntie Karen’s back in the hospital, Auntie Sue across the pond is just out.

We’ve had some wonderful birthdays to celebrate – big Caesar from Glesga turned 9, and Maggie May turned 3, and I see the Eilidh from Avoch is turning 15 today. Ah poisoned it maself, and then ah got a fishing fly wrapped up in ma tail, but ahm 100 per cent now. We’ve raised a thousand pounds to help a friend, sold all our NoseBoxes, raised money for Munlochy Animal Aid, helped the ‘vironment by using up old Christmas paper and things, had more laughs than you can count at the last NoseBox wrapping session, we’ve got two teams working with dogs that need help, we met a beautiful, soft, squidgy, licky, fat wee puppy Labrador last night called Bailey AND our Christmas Party is coming up on Sunday!!!!

Phew, that’s what ahm saying … life is FULL ON, and thems just the bits ah know about, so it’s guaranteed that yous are all got your own stuff happening too. So, this morning, ahm suggesting once you are read it this post, you take three deep breaths, stop whatever you’re doing and just remember how much love and laughter you have shared with your dogs this year. And if you’ve had to kiss them goodbye, know that everyone here knows what you’re going through, everyone, and we can’t take it a minute of your pain away, but we can loves it you. And if you’ve still got a house full of crazy, dirty, muddy four paws then take some time to hug them close, verra close, and give them sausages too! (Ah just made that up!). Now heads up, tails in the air and just do the best you can today, knowing it’s enough. And remember, who loves ya? Me, Selkie Seal, ah loves it you, a lot! Selkie x

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