Working with Action4Dogs

Well pals, ah made sure to get it a thorough briefing from Max before he left this afternoon and it sounds like on the whole things went verra well indeed with your trainings.

Big thank yous to everyone for coming out this weekend – it was verra special to see so many people and dogs helping each other. Ah know for sure, right down deep in ma spots that things are going to change for the better if yous all practice it your new techniques and gives it your dogs the time they need to understand the new ideas. (They have all promised it me that they will give you time to practice it your new skills with them too because us dogs know it takes you lot a little longer to get it!)

Thanks again to Max for coming oop north to see us, we have learnt it a lot this weekend. HDB has lots of good pics to share, but yous are going to have to wait a wee while because she is saying something about being shattered! so I guess that’s night night from me before ah get told to switch it off the computer, Selkie xTo read more from Max head to Maxwell Muir-Action 4 Dogs Edinburgh & Lothians Dog Trainer

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